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PS-45 Pocket-Scan by Technology Design

PS45 Pocket-Scan

The PS45 is a natural progression of our hugely successful TD Pocket-Scan from the PCMCIA communication mechanism to Ethernet. The Ethernet connection simplifies the link between laptop and Pocket-Scan and eliminates the need for a PCMCIA type II card slot. The Ethernet system requires minimal initial setup with no special drivers and will communicate with any Ethernet enabled PC. The communication speed of the PS45 has improved tenfold to 100Megabits per second and the cable length can be up to 100 meters with standard cables.

Users of the ESBeamtool® software can design setups in this software and export the setup data to the TD-Scan Ultrasonic software that drives the PS45 making setup easy, reliable and reproducible as a printable technique report.

The PS45 benefits from all the tried and tested reliability and ease of use of the TD Pocket-Scan with built-in reporting features and industry leading ToFD and Corrosion Mapping software


  • Exceptional Performance & Price
  • Portable yet Highly Capable
  • Ethernet Link – PS45 to Laptop
  • High Speed Real-Time Data Collection
  • Fast Inspection Speed
  • Extensive Analysis Tools
  • Easy to use Menu’s
  • Powerful Reporting Functions
  • On-board 2 Axis Drive Control
  • ToFD, Pulse Echo, Corrosion Mapping
PS45 Pocket-Scan Product Data Sheet