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Welcome the Rhino: the next generation in field ruggedized 3D imaging. Like the pachyderm for which it's named, the 3DSL Rhino is ready for field work. With an ingress protection level of 67 (IP67) and shock protection, this rugged Rhino can be dropped in water, dropped in mud, taken out in the Canadian winter or the Arabian summer and continue taking high quality 3D images.

With the new 3DSL Rhino, determining the maximum safe operating pressure takes minutes. Simply take the 3DSL Rhino Damage Assessment System to your work site for a quick and accurate Level 2 corrosion assessment.

Once the equipment is connected and powered up, input critical data such as: pipe diameter, pipe SMYS, MAOP, operator information, site information and system information into the default information settings. Next, verify the calibration by taking an image of the verification standard. You are now ready to aim the 3DSL Rhino at the corrosion area, trigger the image button, and analyze the 3D image.

Once the 3D image is acquired, analyze the image using the Pipeline Analysis Module, where you can select the grid size and interaction rules. Finally, using the Pipeline FFS module, analyze the river bottom profile to determine the remaining strength using either ASME B31G, RSTRENG– 0.85dL, or RSTRENG– Effective Area methods. All FFS data can be output into a pdf report and an Excel file. The entire process is intuitive, quick and accurate.



The 3DSL Rhino is designed for field inspection of corrosion, dents, and other infrastructure damage. Ruggedized to meet the demands of harsh environments, the 3DSL Rhino is perfect for assessing infrastructure damage from Alaska to Zaire. Complete protection from dust, water, sand. With an operating temperature that ranges from -10F (-23C) to 110F (40C), the 3DSL Rhino is ready for just about anything. Next time you need to assess damage, think 3DSL Rhino.

The 3DSL NDT software suite, included with the 3DSL Rhino, enables complete assessment of infrastructure damage and produces damage reports that are compliant with industry standard recommendations.



The rugged Rhino

  • Can operate in windy deserts
  • In rain and snow
  • Can be dropped
  • Integrates with 3DSL robots
  • Produces standard 3D data sets that can be exported to a variety of software packages
  • Maintains +/- 2 mils (0.050 mm) accuracy

3D images can be analyzed using the 3DSL NDT software suite, included with each Rhino, to determine the maximum safe operating pressure and burst pressure using RSTRENG, ASME B31G and modified AMSE B31G. Dent analysis is compliant with ASME B31.8 and B31.4. The option API 579 modules produce API compliant reports for a variety of chemical and petro-chemical plant infrastructure.