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64 Channel Phased Array System Inside A Probe Powered Via USB

32:64PR Phased Array System      Weld Inspection and Corrosion Mapping      Dual Axis Encoder





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  • 32:64PR Phased Array System
  • Probe Powered via USB
  • Standard Probe: 64 element, 5MHz, 0.6mm
  • Dual Axis Onboard Board
  • Changeable Probe Cable
  • UltraView Inspection Software
  • Weld Inspection and Corrosion Mapping
  • Unique System and Probe in One
  • Portable and Lightweight Tablet (only 1.2kg)
  • 11" HD Sunlight Readable Screen
  • Kickstand, Hand Strap and HD Camera
  • Onboard Analysis and Reporting
  • Onboard Focal Law Calculator and Beam Plot
  • Multi-Group Capability
  • 64 Element Phased Array Probe
  • Rugged 11" Tablet with UltraView Software
  • 55 Degree Wedge for Weld Inspection
  • Zero Degree Wedge for Corrosion Mapping
  • 2m iProbe to USB Cable
  • Onboard Microsoft Office for Reporting
  • Onboard TeamViewer for Remote Access